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Standard Installation defined:
  • The antenna installation is to an outside wall using a standard Paratus supplied wall mount bracket.
  • The antenna is mounted at a minimum of 2 meters off the ground and out of reasonable reach.
  • The installation location is not more than 3 meters above ground level and excludes the use of any scaffolding or extended ladders.
  • Wall mount brackets cannot be mounted on a surface that cannot support the bracket and the antenna hardware.
  • A standard installation excludes any efforts to structurally reinforce walls and roofs, removal of any trees and landscaping, excavation into concrete, roadways, paving or pavements for cable conduit, or ducting, or roof penetration.
Non-Standard Installation defined:
  • Preparation of the installation sites, contractors work, ground works, or the removal of trees.
  • Additional measures to ensure the safety of the site, people, and equipment.
  • Sites with no line of sight (LOS) to the Specific satellite or which requires alternative fabricated mounts.
  • Sites in estates where the relevant rules are not clear or where installation may be indeterminately delayed whilst obtaining the necessary approvals.
  • An installation on a rental property where the landlord has not yet approved the installation.
  • Installation higher than 3 meters or sites where special health and safety regulations are required.
  • Sites where trenching is needed.
  • Installation sites in or on high-rise buildings.
  • Installations requiring roof mounts, pole extensions, single pole mounts, or non-pen mounts.
  • Installations for which more than the standard length of cable is required, or installation requiring drilling through more than one outer wall.
  • Any site that requires compliance to Health and Safety regulations

Note: Hardware includes wall mount bracket, 25 meters of RG06 cable and connectors & entry level Wi-Fi router.

    FUP (Fair Usage Policy)
    Service Throttle Step 1 Throttle Step 2 Free Night-time Data 10pm – 6am
    5Mbps 100 GB - 1 Mbps 200 GB - 0.5 Mbps Throttle lifted
    10 Mbps 200 GB - 2.5 Mbps 300 GB - 1 Mbps Throttle lifted
    20 Mbps 200 GB - 5 Mbps 300 GB - 2 Mbps Throttle lifted
    30 Mbps 200 GB - 7.5 Mbps 300 GB - 3 Mbps Throttle lifted
    50 Mbps 200 GB - 15 Mbps 300 GB - 5 Mbps Throttle lifted