Cutting-Edge Satellite

  • Fast, reliable and wide-reaching internet access
  • No longer a need to worry about fixed line unavailability, cable theft or poor signal strength
  • Cost-effective broadband due to cutting-edge technology
  • Perfect for home and business users
  • Quick to install, with professional installers on standby around the country
  • Unlimited uploads at any time
  • Free Zone offers unlimited downloads during certain times
  • 24/7/365 support

Product Overview

Satellite from Tech5 Group is a cutting-edge, Ka-band, broadband satellite service that delivers reliable, high-speed internet connectivity to users in areas with limited or no internet access, at costs comparable to current terrestrial services. Satellite is available in a range of packages that suit any environment and user segment, right from basic internet access for home users through to high speed service plans for corporate users. Satellite is quick to install, which means that you no longer need to wait weeks for installation or put up with poor signal and cable theft. The need for affordable, reliable connectivity is higher than ever and Tech5 Group Satellite product will ensure that satellite is a viable option for any South African.

Satellite internet access works just like satellite TV(e.g. DStv) and operates according to the same technology; namely, a satellite in orbit that communicates with the mini dish outside your home at lightning fast speeds.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly-prioritised data for access accounts such as ADSL and VDSL.
  • High speed internet connection almost anywhere in South Africa
  • Quick installation times
  • Completely independent of traditional connection mediums such as ADSL and GSM/3G
  • Unlimited downloads during the Free Zone (01h00 – 06h00) for consumer and business packages
  • Additional data can be added and packages adjusted in the user-friendly YahClick customer zone
  • Static IP addresses available on all YahClick packages