Your Fax Machine will never be unavailable, out of paper or need a service. Our fax 2 email system runs electronically and is very secure.

What is it?

Fax-2-email is the new alternative to using a fax machine. Fax-2-email allows you to receive faxes in your email inbox 24hrs a day with no need for a fax machine, extra phone line, paper, or anything else that is associated with faxing. Simply log on, retrieve your e-mail and there you have it - a simple yet effective means of receiving fax messages without the usual hassles.

So just how does it work?

With Free Fax-2-email you receive your very own fax number. Whenever anybody faxes any documents to this number, it is converted into an email and sent instantaneously to your inbox. Simply view the message and do as you wish with it - keep it, forward it to someone else, or simply print it out.

What do I get?

You get a 086 phone number which receives faxes, converts any images to .tiff format and delivers them to your email account. Activate your account now to enjoy the benefits of Fax-2-email.

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