Backup Your Data to the Cloud

One2backup™ is a South African based, secure, automatic online backup solution. Whether you are looking to backup your home PC, your laptop or your business servers, we can help you. If you are not the technical type, our technicians set up the backups for you, at no charge. Backups are completely automatic, fast and secure. When was the last time your saved all the data on the device you are viewing this on email on? Start backing up today with Tech5 and One2backup™.


It only takes a few minutes..


Our secure, Continuous Backup™ means you don't have to do anything. Just set it and forget it..

Access & Recovery

Access all your backed-up data anytime from any Internet connection anywhere in the world.


Our awesome features makes backup a breeze...


  • Continuous: Your files are backed up the moment they change.
  • Secure: We use bank grade encryption, only YOU have the key!
  • Automatic: No human intervention.
  • Remote: Your files are stored off site in case of theft, fire or flood.
  • Recover: Restore your files with a click of a button.

Once at the online data centre, your data is stored in this encrypted form. We use the strongest encryption available to ensure that your confidential data is kept safe and secure. Even our administrators do not have the ability to access your data. Your privacy is important. Your data can only be accessed by you.

Secure offsite backups

Keep your documents safe from worms, viruses, trojan horses, and now ransomware... attacks on digital devices are continuous and ever-increasing. But, all is not lost.
There are effective measures you can take to ensure that you don't open yourself up to such threats.

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